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Floor Maintenance

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Floor Maintenace in Eugene Oregon

Maintaining a clean office environment is an important part of running any successful business. A study done in Sydney, Australia revealed that employees are more creative and productive when working in a clean and comfortable environment. This means that cleanliness does more than just create a good ambiance and increase customer satisfaction; it has a direct correlation to productivity and increased sales. If you are a business owner looking for ways to enhance the productivity and creativity of your workforce, you should know that we can be of help.

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We offer complete floor stripping and waxing services for all kinds of floors. We use specialized equipment along with tradecraft techniques, to have your office floors back into condition. We use safe, top quality cleaning products and employ rigorous methods of cleaning to ensure our clients are fully satisfied with our services. In addition to that, we’re reinforced by our courteous employees who work extra hard to give our customers the best possible experience. Our primary focus is on attention to details and efficient procedures, and we can guarantee that you’ll be delighted with the results. Our floor stripping and waxing services will deliver you an impeccable looking office which will, in turn, help your business make external gains as shown in the Australian study.

Floor Stripping and Waxing, and Your Company’s Image.

Floor stripping and waxing is a necessary part of keeping your organization looking it’s best and maintaining the value of your floors. Clean floors show your employees and customers that you’re serious about your company’s image and your customer’s health. It also contributes to a healthy and safe working environment by minimizing the potential slip and fall hazards, while at the same time improving the indoor air quality and overall cleanliness in the building. As one of the most used floor stripping and waxing company, we know that you, (as a business owner) don’t want to spend your valuable time trying to clean the floors. Instead, you should let us bring our unmatched expertise in this area, and deliver you a bright and comfortable working environment. For best results, we typically recommend regularly scheduled visits, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how even a single appointment will produce drastic improvements to your office floors and the company’s image in general.

Our Floor Stripping and Waxing Process.

At Troy’s Janitorial, we know how to determine the best type of service needed by our clients. We are aware that the heavy traffic areas are more prone to grit, grime, and dirt which leads to nicks and scratches. If left unattended, these dents and scratches will end up damaging and diminishing the look and quality of your floors, which in turn creates an unprofessional look. If you have this issue, we are here to help. We can bring your office floor back to its’ original and spotless condition, which will, in turn, create a welcoming atmosphere for the prospective customers. The routine floor stripping and waxing process involves;

  • Removal of the old sealer and finish from your floor.
  • Resealing with a top quality sealer.
  • Finishing and buffing of the floor surface to create a sparkling shine.

*Burnishing is also available upon request.

For us, floor stripping and waxing are more than just a janitorial service; it is our passion. Before any of our equipment even touches the floors, we will discuss the traffic pattern of all the tiled areas and then provide you with a custom recommendation regarding the number of wax coatings that are needed; this attention to details is important to us because we want to prevent wear and tear. This helps keep the floors in great shape which can help preserve the value and life span.

When you choose Troy’s Janitorial Service in Eugene Oregon, you will be fully confident that our services will be delivered on-time with extra care and respect. Our team of floor cleaning technicians makes it a top priority to treat each and every customer as though they were our only one.